Short history

We started our business in Borlänge, Sweden, in 2007 in the private company Flow IT, when we developed the computerized maintenance management system The person behind the company and, Stefan Johansson (who is still the lead developer), at that time worked at a printing house in Borlänge. With an insight that the planning and execution of operational maintenance could be improved, a computerized maintenance management system slowly began to emerge which resulted in

Below is a simple timeline marking some of the more important events.


  1. is born    

    The first version of the CMMS is born and put to use at a printing house in Borlänge.

  2.     New modules are developed

    The interest in is growing and the system is spread to other printing houses. Modules for supply management, error reporting among other things are developed.

  3. Vsys Sweden AB is formed    

    The limited company Vsys Sweden AB is formed to replace the private company Flow IT, all systems development is moved to Vsys.

  4.     The first big update undergoes it's first big update and is refreshed with a new look.

  5. Reel management is developed    

    In cooperation with one of the printing houses that use, a new system is developed that specializes in management of paper reels. This makes it possible to compile detailed information about the entire history of the reels from paper mill to finished product.

  6.     Production counter is developed

    In cooperation the the same printing house as earlier, a system to monitor production counters in realtime is developed. in parallel, undergoes its second big update.

  7. Production Monitoring is born    

    The systems for Reel management and the Production counter is merged and together now form the basis for our new system for Production Monitoring.