Production counters

Easy production overview

Our Production counter system makes use of a processing unit developed by us that is attached directly to the printing press and its stacker(s). This processing unit continuously collect information as the press produces and the product is approved. The information is compiled and presented in a very simple and visual way, the screenshot to the right shows the production in realtime at two printing presses and their stackers.

Since the production overview is web-based, this realtime overview is of course available directly in your mobile phone or tablet.

Production monitoring in
Visual production overview click for larger image

Reel management

Detailed mapping of reels

Our Reel management system receives information partly from the operator through a barcode reader as reels are loaded into the printing press, and partly from a processing unit that is attached to the press and listnes to splices. This makes it possible to build a complete history of all reels that has passed through the printing press.

The Reel management is also capable of receiving information directly from the paper mills using the papiNet standard. This information is transmitted and presented to the operator as he or she scans the next reel ready for insertion, for example possible presence of mill splices.

Reel management in
Reel management with detailed information click for larger image

Production monitoring system pricing

We apply individual pricing for our process monitoring systems, as the cost is largly dependent on the extent of the processes that are being monitored and mapped. Please contact us if you would like to discuss Production monitoring.